Decision Diagnostics' technologies manage critical data and e-commerce, as well as facilitate communication using smartphone and PDA applications in the healthcare, apartment, and elderly care industries.

Our technology includes MD@Hand, a wireless personal digital assistant in the form of a smartphone app that allows physicians to carry, access, and update their patientís histories, medication data, and best care guidelines. Practice Probe is the data mining utility meant to complement the digital assistant. We also develop technologies for e-health and EMR applications. Our company offers ResidenceWare, which is a collection of Internet-enhanced communication, integration, and networking tools developed for the real estate marketplace.



Inpatient/Outpatient Management Suite

A handheld computer/smartphone based program which will link the physician to the pharmacy and healthcare provider. This application uses medical game theory to improve the effectiveness of doctor consultations. It is aimed at lowering office costs and complications involved with unnecessary paperwork.


Practice Probe

Data Mining Utility

Practice Probe is a data mining utility used to extract information from the physician's Practice Management System for utilization within the MD@Hand system. This program runs in automated mode so no user input or monitoring is necessary. Patient data is automatically extracted from the physicians Practice Management System and then imported to the MD@Hand system.



Information Relay System

ResidenceWare residential management system facilitates the relay of information directly from commercial and residential real estate management companies to occupying tenants using networking software systems and applications.