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Decision Diagnostics is a small and friendly company that specializes in prescription and non-prescription diagnostics and home testing products. Through our subsidiary, PharmaTech Solutions, Inc., we provide blood glucose home testing device including Genstrip50 and GenUltimate! test strips, as well as three exciting new concepts for blood testing monitors. These FDA cleared products are an affordable alternative for patients and healthcare providers. Decision Diagnostics also provides smart phone based electronic medical record (EMR) applications to be used by physicians at the point of care. These mobile applications allow physicians to easily and efficiently access and update their patients’ histories, medication data, and care guidelines.

Decision Diagnostics Corp. is developing products that offer unique solutions in medical care and management by providing physicians with essential information at the point of care. Unlike other medical information systems using standard computer terminals, Decision Diagnostics Corp. uses smart phones, which allow physicians to carry, access and update their patients' histories, medication data, and best care guidelines - all at the point of care. Decision Diagnostics Corp. is a leading provider of prescription drugs, home testing products for the chronically ill, a leading fulfillment provider of direct to patient diabetes programs, and a leading developer of revolutionary cell phone centric e-health products and technologies.

Decision Diagnostics Corp. has established a core management team experienced in all phases of health care, data management and the Web. Together, the development and management teams are creating the most advanced medical devices around.

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Board of Directors


Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Director

Specializing in healthcare software including intranet and Internet systems for the past 27 years and a founder of instaCare Corp., Keith Berman brings more than 35 years experience in the healthcare field, having worked with such companies as Technicon Corporation and Boehringer-Mannheim Corporation. He is the founder of Medicius Inc., and served as that company’s president at the time of its acquisition by instaCare. Mr. Berman also was the founder of Cymedix, the operating division of Ramp Corp. (formerly Medix Resources) (AMEX: RCO), a public company. Mr. Berman received his B.A. and M.B.A. from Indiana University.



Robert Jagunich brings 40 years of experience in the medical systems and device industry. Since joining Decision Diagnostics Corp., Mr. Jagunich has also served president at New Abilities Systems, a privately held manufacturer of advanced electronic systems used in rehabilitation. From April 1996 through December 1997, he served as a director of Cymedix Corporation, the operating division of Ramp Corp. (AMEX: RCO). Mr. Jagunich also has provided consulting services to such clients as Johnson and Johnson and has served as a senior executive in such publicly held companies as Laserscope and Acuson. He received his B.S., M.S. and M.B.A. from the University of Michigan.